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Red Lake Desert Flyway with UFO simulation shown is in general area of May 22, 1953 crash

“Col. Wendelle Stevens and my Dad, a Lt Col. In the USAF both told me about the Kingman Crashes, so Harry Drew is telling the truth, the Kingman Crashes are the ‘Key’ to the whole UFO Story as the secret space program comes from there!"     Bill Brophy

One extraordinary false claim about the Kingman UFO is that the military closed highway 40 ( Interstate 40) from Kingman to Barstow, California (206 miles) for several days just to move the Kingman UFO west from Kingman down Arizona highway 68 to the Colorado river and across to connect with Nevada highway 95. From there the UFO was supposedly transported north to Groom Lake (Area 51). This ridiculous story was first made known in a letter written in 1990 by a man stating he was a professional investigator. Everything about this story was made up, it has no basis in fact, and no one did the slightest research to check it out, so the story spread like wildfire until my research uncovered it as a fraud more than 20 years later. Highway 40 (today's Interstate 40) did not exist in 1953 and wouldn't for another 30 years! There was no bridge across the Colorado river off highway 68 in 1953. That instantly meant no one closed highway 40 to move a UFO and the actual route used had to be somewhere else. After much fieldwork I located the route and traveled it. A MUFON man in Pennsylvania claimed my comments about this were wrong, said he knew the story was first discussed in 1973, not when I first talked about it in 2008. But his story isn't true either, because highway 40 still didn't exist and there was no bridge before 1973. As an Historian my research uncovered significant false and misleading stories about the Kingman UFO. My findings reveal what is factually true and that has not set well with hucksters who deliberately created false and misleading stories meant to fool the public.  (Map - Mohave Museum)

Not exactly a freeway. This is what fieldwork is really all about. No sitting on your can playing on the internet and pretending to be an explorer and UFO hunter! This little trail goes out beyond cell phone range, no gas stations, no places to eat, no water, no people and often no road. You ultimately have to get out of your vehicle, gather up equipment and walk 8 or 9 miles through cougar and javelina country! "Finding the UFO Needle in the Hay Stack" is well worth the effort!

Wow what a place! The Kingman UFO landing site where Arthur G. Stansel Jr. and other witnesses and participants gathered that I have interviews and statements from, which is discussed in my new book "7 Days In May™ The Kingman UFO Story". According to government agencies I have consulted, climate change is causing more moisture in the landing area, which caused an increase in brush and tree growth the past twenty years, something I have watched and keep notes on during my trips back to examine this site. The Kingman UFO 'was not' a super secret experimental aircraft, which was the cover story used by the U.S. Air Force explaining what it was to a bus load of scientists driven northwest from Phoenix into the boondocks to inspect it. The normal M.O. for downed super secret planes was to quickly move them to a top secret hanger for inspection and not leave them in the dirt at a remote site. There had to be a special reason why this craft was left "in situ"! We now know there was! This craft was a flying saucer destined for Groom Lake! Witness Arthur G. Stansel Jr. did not realize the craft was not a plane until two weeks after he inspected it, much the same for other eye witnesses at the time. Facts are simple, no country in the world had the technology to build such craft. Exaggerator stories saying otherwise are false. Interesting to note that 'today' the places where the military cleared the ground at the landing site in 1953 still remains brush and tree free, as does the exact place where the Saucer landed.

View from the Rocky Butte looking south across the Red Lake Desert and UFO flyway. This is the flight-path and direction the Red Lake UFO was headed when it fell from the sky and ricocheted off the Rocky Butte and crashed into the desert floor on May 22, 1953. The Hualapai Valley can be seen in the distant background.


Witness Interviews state a small military convoy stopped at nearby ranches, instructed 12 eye witnesses of UFO crash to return to homes and stay there! Retrieval team recovered UFO, swept site twice for debris.


During fieldwork halfway up the Rocky Butte a vertical solid-black object skimmed along the ground below toward my Jeep parked a mile away. This unknown symbol was marked on Jeep's sun-baked hood.





UFO people frequently demand to be shown or told where to go to dig up sites so they can carry away all they can. By Law it is 'illegal' to enter and dig up anything on private property and/or government lands without obtaining advance permission and permits. No person, or group, is allowed on restricted lands! The places I discuss here and in my books are Archaeological sites that must be protected.




Black Mountains on 'original Route 66' Hwy looking east toward UFO flyway!

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Harry Drew brings new evidence and verifiable facts to the Disclosure table and sets the record straight about Kingman's UFOs, dispelling myths, impossible claims and manufactured false and misleading stories for decades which in most cases do not contain any factual substance or facts. Over the ten year period Drew dedicated to his Kingman project he has assembled the largest and most complete collection of original documentation, images, interviews and site evidence that has ever been assembled about the 1953 Kingman UFOs. His 'work' provides historical perspective to early UFO events and Kingman today! 

USAF artifacts at Landing Site