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Author and Historian

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My commitment to this project has been to ferret out the truth and bring factual evidence to the table of public knowledge in spite of the constant barrage by hucksters who have been pushing false and misleading stories about the Kingman UFO for decades. Their junk science has been disguised and peddled to the public as research, but lacks any semblance to scholarship and only provides weak and vague hints about some elusive methodology they pretend to use with no base facts to substantiate their stories. This of course is a disservice to everyone that wants honest information and answers about UFOs and the possibility of visitations to earth by other life forms. As it stands, my fieldwork and research, which includes documentation from agencies and credible research facilities, witness interviews, images and records, drone aerial searches and years of ground work indicate the Kingman UFOs story is supported by an abundance of evidence that confirms multiple UFO events at Kingman, Arizona in May 1953. My work also patently discounts false and misleading claims made by the UFO Exaggerator crowd.


No one before me has ever dedicated the amount of personal time (years), or substantial investment in funds and equipment, nor had the seasoned credentials, skills, training and experience to undertake the professional work required to uncover the crucial facts, do in-depth analysis that reveal major surrounding issues, events, people and places involved in the 1953 Kingman UFO story. Contrary to hucksters whispering claims that my work is based on something already done by one of their own substandard Hoax group members (which is completely untrue), my work stands alone and is strictly my own and it is backed by indisputable proof that no one else has ever discovered.


The Kingman UFOs were far more than unidentified lights in the night sky. These UFOs witnessed falling from the sky during daylight hours, not at night. They weren't shot down by rockets or fighter jets, or hit by lightning. Two of the UFOs were witnessed hitting the ground as they crashed. One UFO started a forest fire! Witnesses profess the Kingman UFO landed and was retrieved by the U.S. Air Force and that it ranks as one of the most important UFO and extraterrestrial encounters in recorded history. Facts I uncovered head in this direction and answers that I found fill in blanks about the Kingman UFOs that persist to this day. My findings add tangible substance to the story and it needs to be shared and passed on without distorted claims. The facts I provide is an accurate historical record to be left behind for future generations.


Thank you for sharing my story and supporting my work!


Harry J. Drew

Author and Historian


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Davis Camp on the Colorado River (Mohave County Arizona) where UFO man Truman Bethurum lived in a small travel trailer and worked in large shop building (shown) during Davis Dam construction. Truman left the area after his work was completed in 1954. He did not know about the Kingman UFOs.

Red Lake UFO impact site is property still controlled by the U.S. Government



Davis Dam is a dirt dam that was finished in late 1953 early 1954. This Dam extends east to west from Arizona to Nevada across the Colorado river and had a 15' wide dirt road over the top, too narrow for the Kingman flying saucer. Despite false claims made up about people taking trips and driving over the dam during this time period, research evidence provides proof that no traffic was allowed across Davis Dam in 1953. No bridge existed, nor road off highway 68 to cross the river back then! Davis Dam is still a dirt dam.

"Harry Drew delivers the goods! An Historian and Documentarian by profession, Harry Drew has the nose for sniffing out the facts about the elusive 1953 Kingman UFO crashes. I was both impressed and pleased by his depth of knowledge on the Kingman case and his dedication to getting the story straight."         Tony - Portland, Oregon

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Harry Drew brings new evidence and verifiable facts to the Disclosure table and sets the record straight about Kingman's UFOs, dispelling myths, impossible claims and manufactured false and misleading stories for decades which in most cases do not contain any factual substance or facts. Over the ten year period Drew dedicated to his Kingman project he has assembled the largest and most complete collection of original documentation, images, interviews and site evidence that has ever been assembled about the 1953 Kingman UFOs. His 'work' provides historical perspective to early UFO events and Kingman today! 

USAF artifacts at Landing Site