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Why This Story Matters!

What I have uncovered is amazing evidence that has been left hidden away and untold for over sixty years, facts that under normal circumstances were passed over, never bothered with, existing only in the vivid imaginations of a few misinformed people making claims and turning out fictitious stories about the Kingman UFO. Within the fray were a few who really knew what happened and those who were interested

in historical accuracy, a tough uphill climb when so

much of Kingman's UFO story had been kept quiet. Waxing over my findings might suppress information for a time, but will not stop me from sharing facts every person on earth should be free to know. I have actually been told "Not" to say anything about this before giving a public presentation, but I discretely mentioned a few points that needed to be addressed and as a result was later told the Video shot of my presentation had a portion mysteriously ruined that just happened to be the segment I was specifically told not to talk about. All said to me with a straight face. It was an amazing coincidence to have two cameras running simultaneously and both failed to record. This "reaction" is about what I discovered and introduction of facts that would unhinge make- believe stories that cannot be explained. Typical "Flat Earth" mentality and a reminder of the old Egyptian proverb, "There is no darkness like ignorance"


Tip of the iceberg that needed to be shared, because there has been rapid growth in irresponsible false and miss-leading claims that have gotten to the point people can't tell who to believe. No vendettas. I am an Historian that works in the real world outside these Carnival Fairways and Circus tents. My research always runs deep into history, transitions me to the era of study and to the way people saw things, thought and reacted. No comparison with modern day belief systems, communications, priorities and ultra-technology.


Thus moving on with work, my research revealed that by the time Kenneth Arnold had landed at Pendleton, Oregon on June 25, 1947 and reported he saw flying discs at Mt. Rainier in Washington state the previous day, he was not in fact the first person to see and make a modern UFO report on the very same date. However his personal promotion and claim that he was the first person to see UFOs went unchallenged! Well before and during the entire week of the alleged Roswell UFO crash there was a substantial number of UFO witness reports across the entire United States. History shows during the same week in 1947 the most startling important and ominous UFO event to ever be recorded was not just a sighting, it was a dangerous encounter experienced by multiple first-hand eye witnesses and it is doubtful that such a well documented event has ever happened since .. not counting forthcoming Exaggerator stories! These detailed UFO sightings were reported by credible people that included pilots, law enforcement, meteorologists, professional people and the general public saying they too had witnessed UFOs flying, crashing and landing in 41 U.S. states, well before the alleged Roswell crash, or the Kingman UFO landing and crashes. My new book "7 Days in May™ The Kingman UFO Story" looks back to these earlier UFO reports and brings together evidence for readers that clearly proves flying disc sightings (UFOs) were widespread in the U.S. before and after World War II .. and that matters!

An Exaggerator claimed he checked in all the newspapers within 100 miles of Kingman (implying he did Research) including newspapers in Las Vegas and nothing was ever mentioned about any UFOs in 1953 .. Not One Single Word!  

Claims were made by an Exaggerator that he personally searched through every newspaper within one hundred miles of Kingman and newspapers in Las Vegas, Nevada and never found a single word mentioned about UFOs any where around in May 1953. I did the research this Exagerrator claimed he had done and found there were only two other newspapers that existed at the time. That's not exactly an overwhelming number of newspapers to research. Two small newspapers. While researching archives and the original newspapers published in 1953, I discovered multiple Front Page news stories that included UFOs and I found information that disproved several other deceptive claims made by Exaggerators. As a professional Historian, I have observed many tellers of tall tales bragging they are ufo experts that should be invited to speak at conferences and symposiums. Most are careful with their bluster, because they generally lack motivation and aptitude to actually do the work, which requires them to leave their easy chairs. Hoodwinking the public is easier.


Exaggerators and their fairy tales earn a special place in the Kingman UFO story and probably in most all UFO stories, as they are the constant static in the background of Ufology and their lingo needs to be checked out. Another bizarre claim with no credibility is the profound claim that 'if a newpaper doesn't publish a story about a UFO crash, then that means the UFO crash never happened'! An amazing and poorly thought out claim! The benefit of doing real reseach is weeding out such terrible trash and getting to facts about what happened at Kingman in 1953. It was never up to newspapers to decide what is and isn't valid concerning UFOs. The News Media tends to buck the idea that UFOs are, or might be real. No matter how many eye witnesses or what evidence is discovered. They are not as open minded as they should be. In reality, Military and Government policy dictates UFO activity is top secrect.

The Art shown here was created by me from a single UFO 3D Cad work that was the product of my research findings that match a first-hand eye witness description of the Kingmn UFO skillfully rendered and provided to me by noted Researcher and Aviation Historian Michael Schratt. From there I created this busy UFO art scene to depict a documented event that happened May 21, 1953, when eight (8) UFOs did aggressive Dog Fight maneuvers and were observed by three (3) highly credible men who watched it for over an hour. This happened just 5 minutes away from the downed Kingman UFO that was already in the custody of the U.S. Air Force. This ominous event actually preceded another significant action on the same day and my finds about it are fully discussed in my book "7 Days In May™ The Kingman UFO Story."

"Words that come to mind in describing Harry and his work include truth, facts, passion, determination and truth again!" Neal Davis - Freelance Writer


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Harry Drew brings new evidence and verifiable facts to the Disclosure table and sets the record straight about Kingman's UFOs, dispelling myths, impossible claims and manufactured false and misleading stories for decades which in most cases do not contain any factual substance or facts. Over the ten year period Drew dedicated to his Kingman project he has assembled the largest and most complete collection of original documentation, images, interviews and site evidence that has ever been assembled about the 1953 Kingman UFOs. His 'work' provides historical perspective to early UFO events and Kingman today! 

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