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Harry Drew, author and historian, former

Director and Curator of Museums of History,

Anthropology and Archaeology, Cultural

Resource Specialist in Ancient Civilizations, newspaper columnist and investigative

researcher for the past 40 years.

Findings revealed that nearly everything

said about the Kingman crash was either

exaggerated or worse. From a professional

standpoint, such widespread story telling is

rarely seen in the field of history, and nevel

to such an extent that information becomes

completely corrupted. Drew used standard

research protocols to wade through an

abundance of tall tales in order to maintain

the integrity of all the facts he derived.

Fabrications are not part of his methodology.

The results of his work are extraordinary.

The information he discovered is vital to the

UFO Community as he has located the

Kingman UFO landing and crash sites. His

documented findings have causeed an outcry

from those who’s storylines were invalidated,

although it was never his intention to do so.

Drew’s DVD documentaries,'Hidden in

Plain Sight: The Kingman UFO Crashes'©

is part of the Terminal Approach™ series

about The Kingman UFO Crashes© and will

be followed by new Books and documentary

featuring his discoveries. New evidence

provided by first-hand eye witness interviews

and the investigation of institutional holdings

uncovering previously unknown supporting documents, as well as aerial and ground

photography and video, scientific testsing,

treks through desert heat led to new facts

backed by physical evidence about the

1953 Kingman UFO 'landing' and crashes.


Kingman UFO Landing Site

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Red Lake 'Foo Tank' Mohave County Arizona

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Red Lake and Highways in 1953

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